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918 m above sea level


The original lodge built by a Polish tourist association “Beskydy” for the years 1911 to 1913, inaugurated 16.června 1913th Burned down the night of 3 4.dubna the 1918th Current Ibsen’s cottage was built by the Club of Czechoslovakian tourists, the Department of Silesian Ostrava. The foundation stone was laid May 25, 1924, and later that year on October 5 was opened. From the 60th years after the 80th summer cottage has undergone a “socialist” development, especially when its interior is highly adapted to this period. The turn of the century meant instant Ropička the hardest era, the cottage was not very successfully operated by various tenants, who have gradually got into the pitiful state. In 2008, due to cardiac and emotional relationship with the help of a purely private financing, started a series of repairs and has started its new era. Thank you that all who have contributed to the repair and revitalization Ropičky involved, although not generously endowed with non-Christian high subsidies from the projects, whose success depends not on its quality, but the ability to pay the right places and so influence it.


Around the cottages and the ground floor is the part designed for tourists, the other part is used for commercial purposes, in order to have earned for its operations, reconstruction and development. Chat can be rented exclusively to, its capacity is 30 beds. Arrival is possible with permission.


Tourist Ropička cottage is situated on the eastern slope of the peak Ropička (918 meters), which rises from the foothills north-east of the village and the Moravek Těšínské Beskydy. The cottage is a signpost green and red hiking trails. After the red and then we go on Little Prašivá (706 m) or in the opposite direction to the tourist hut Slavíč. North toward the first green sign and then after we reach the village of Yellow River. Going Green southwest after we reach the village Moravek.

Around Ropičky

Tourism, which is issued from the train station below Dobratice Prašivá (route No. 322 between Cieszyn and NO Frydek-Mistek) along the red tourist route, there is a 5.5 km walk, at first municipalities and then undemanding output to chat on Prašivá . Cottage is the Czech Tourist Club and is very well known. It is raised high – just at a height of 706 m. The attraction of this tourist facility is unquestionably a stuffed bear. There are a couple of years and reportedly was once caught right in the Beskydy. Besides the houses we see yet another building, which is a wooden church of St. Anthony in 1640. At the cottage, cross a total of five trails. When we follow the red trail toward deeper into the mountains, we get after walking 4 km to the next hut Kotaro (800 m). 2 km away is just the most famous house, and it Ropička. We’ll get to it if the Kotar continue further along the red trail. Tourism goes from Prašivá toward Ropičce, walking on a mountain ridge, which stretches for further Ropičku, and over the top Big Lime (1003 m), points to its maximum point situated. This is the pinnacle Ropice. With a height of 1082 meters the highest peak in that part of Beskydy Beskydy they refer to as “Cieszyn”. Yet it is not known Ropice. The reason is simple – the top does no marked trail and there is not no hut. Hiking trails only the top bypass. One (yellow) from the north and the second (red) from the south. When we want to be on top, initially holding up a red line going from hut also Ropička SE direction. Go past the intersection under a lot of linden, complete a sharper output, then the route turns left and directs us to rise Ropice. Once vnoříme into the woods with mature trees and begin to soar, a wide forest path, marked path turns right. Here we must leave a red mark and continue straight up and threw a forest path. After a while, finally, discover the top. There may also cause other side, from the crossroads Sindelna. Tourists come here from Javorovy can go either the blue or yellow left to right. If we want to be Ropice, we can choose a wide unmarked forest road leading straight up. If we keep it, we can not to go to the top. At the top of the leveling rod Ropice primitive and low bench. There is a semi-open terrain with a growth of young firs. Perhaps there is roughly semicircular in view of the northern direction, which is a stand of trees but still noisy. View attractive Slovak side of the mountains is only possible from the vyrubaniska výchdoním Ropice slope (away from the top to Sindelna), which offers views such as the Mala Fatra mountains.

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